Coaching for women

Leading from within

Women can assume any leadership position – regardless of whether a female quota exists or not, or whether they have children or not. We would like to call upon women whose professional success is important to them as well as a balanced life to follow their instincts!

Find out what is really important to you and trust your inner voice.

We have developed the “Coaching for women” module to support you in this: you will learn about the emotional and energy tools you will need to be able to set your own course in your own – female – way.

Course contents

  • Reinforcing your self-confidence and ability to assert yourself
  • Transforming pressure to perform
  • Discovering your inner source of strength
  • Recognising your own needs and taking these seriously
  • Learning from fears and insecurity
  • Identifying and altering hindering factors
  • Career planning and implementation
  • Questions on female leadership and the role of female executives
  • Steps to independence
  • Ordering and clarifying new perspectives in the middle of your life
  • Reconciling work and private life (work-life balance)
  • Re-entering the workforce and reorientating oneself
  • Hitting the ground running upon entering the world of work after completing your training/studies
  • Crisis assistance and support in overcoming specific challenges such as competitive situations, bullying or pregnancy
  • How to assume and develop new roles and aims as a mother and enjoy these more