Intercultural management

Crossing borders

A great many companies not only wish to successfully do business in their own country but also to do so worldwide. However, far more than just an excellent product or outstanding service is required for this. Indeed, intercultural skills are above all needed to communicate with the locals on equal terms persuasively and in a targeted manner. We will support you to achieve clarity and tolerance on both sides in intercultural business relations to enhance your efficiency and create synergies – and thus optimise the performance of all those involved.

To facilitate intercultural awareness and intercultural competence we have developed our intercultural management module.

Course contents

Intercultural sensitisation

  • Sensitisation to cultural differences and their impact on behaviour in professional situations
  • Preventing misunderstandings and conflicts during intercultural interaction
  • Developing new strategies for action and solutions
  • Cooperation within international teams
  • Identifying prejudices and stereotypes of foreign cultures
  • Distinguishing between cultural values, norms and patterns of action
  • Encountering intercultural challenges in everyday working life
  • Developing intercultural skills

Country-specific training

  • Culture-specific expertise
  • Cultural identity
  • Creative solutions


  • Preparing for everyday and professional life in the target culture
  • Return support (re-entry) and reintegration
  • Coaching

Special topics

  • Conducting successful negotiations
  • International project management
  • International team building
  • Coaching for international executives

Intercultural consulting for companies

  • Strategies for international business development
  • Building successful international teams
  • Making successful use of cultural diversity within the company
  • Strategies for targeted staff development