International business languages

Communicate globally

English is the international language of business. Companies doing business with customers from around the globe or active internationally themselves communicate in English on a daily basis. However, they must often also negotiate, reach agreements and make small talk to create a positive atmosphere in other languages such as Chinese, German and Russian.

It is therefore crucial that they master the basics and grammar of these languages in addition to common phrases and expressions – ideally using the terminology specific to their particular industry. We offer specialist language training for experts and executives who are active internationally.


  • Hands-on training
  • Real emails/tasks/cases/questions
  • Basic, intermediate and advanced courses in Business English according to the Common European Framework (CEF) of Reference for Languages
  • Business communication and skills:
    Small talk, telephone conversations, emails, correspondence, meetings, conferences, presentations, negotiations, business trips, business etiquette, resolving conflicts and problems, time management, internet, video conferences, web conferences, business rhetoric
  • Special topics:
    – Technical English
    – Reading and understanding technical texts and handbooks
    – Business English for sales and purchasing
    – Understanding cultural differences
    – American and British English
    – Accent training, Indian English


  • Interactive
  • Discussions
  • Group and individual work
  • Self-assessment
  • Case studies
  • Film material
  • Role-plays
  • Analyses and reflection


  • Native speakers
  • Certified language trainers
  • Business experience