Mala Ullal

Founder and Managing Director of Vervelan GmbH

Mala Ullal Portrait 339x510 Mala UllalDuring my work as a trainer and coach, I have observed one thing time and time again: while people may be very resolute, they often strive for too much and achieve too little. This has two disadvantages. Firstly they get bogged down and secondly, their energy dwindles. It is for this reason that a central approach of my method involves focussing our clients’ activities.

I use three key resources for this: my professional experience, my varied training, and my own personal career. I grew up between three cultures myself – between Germany, India and the USA, made this interculturality my business model, and qualified as a trainer and coach for intercultural skills at the Artop institute of the Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany. I have since worked for multinational companies such as electronics corporation Siemens, automotive manufacturers BMW and Volkswagen, and telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom. At the same time, I also advise medium-sized enterprises.

My dual qualification as a yoga teacher and many years of intensive practice help me optimise my clients’ mental strength and physical resources. Why is this qualification so useful in my current work as a trainer and coach? Because it allows me to provide my clients with useful tools to remain confident in the daily competition, and to guide them to new top performances in their mental work without overstraining themselves physically and mentally. For I know from my own experience how important it is to focus and motivate oneself. As the mother of two small children, I must strike a balance between family and profession every day anew. This is also why I believe it is also important for Vervelan to support women who wish to be professionally successful and have a family.